What is Sync My Ride? A Closer Look at the Innovative Entertainment and Information System

As vehicles have become more advanced, so have the systems within them. One of the innovative features Ford and Lincoln offer in selected vehicles is Sync My Ride. Sync My Ride is an advanced system that can integrate many of the vehicle’s features into a convenient and user-friendly system. From entertainment to communication and information, Sync My Ride offers drivers a seamless integration of their use in the driver’s seat. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on what Sync My Ride is, how it works, and its features and benefits.

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What is Sync My Ride?

Sync My Ride is an advanced multimedia and information system within Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Microsoft powers the system, with features that allow drivers to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones, offering voice-activated control for entertainment, communications, and information systems. Sync My Ride is a versatile suite of features that make driving safer, and more enjoyable.

Sync My Ride is only available in selected vehicles from Ford and Lincoln. The system is also continuously updated with the latest features, allowing drivers to stay connected with modern multimedia platforms.

Sync My Ride Features

Sync My Ride offers drivers a range of features that provide an advanced driving experience. The primary features of Sync My Ride include:

Hands-free Communication

Sync My Ride features hands-free communication, allowing drivers to operate their mobile phone without taking their hands off the wheel. This feature is voice-activated and offers a range of features including making phone calls, sending text messages, accessing voicemails, and listening to audio notes.

Media and Entertainment Control

Sync My Ride is an advanced entertainment system, offering users voice-activated control over their audio and video systems. Drivers can control the stereo system, radio, and even their audio playlist via Sync My Ride. Sync My Ride provides a seamless audio experience, allowing drivers to focus on the road rather than reaching over to make changes on the dashboard.

Navigation System

Sync My Ride’s navigation system interacts with a vehicle’s GPS to provide drivers with directions and suggestions when navigating roads and highways. Sync My Ride allows drivers to search for location-specific locations, such as parking lots, gas stations, and restaurants and even adds the nearest driving directions.

Climate Control

Sync My Ride also integrates with a vehicle’s climate control system to provide drivers with voice-activated control over their car’s environment. Drivers can use voice commands to set their desired temperature, turn air conditioning on/off, control the heating system, and even defrost their windscreens.

How to Use Sync My Ride

Sync My Ride is a user-friendly system with a range of features that make driving convenient. Here is a comprehensive guide:

Hands-free Calling

Drivers can initiate hands-free calls by pressing the phone icon on the steering wheel. Sync My Ride provides voice-activated control, allowing drivers to call specific contacts, search for recent calls, make conference calls, and ask the system to read or send text messages.

Media and Entertainment

Sync My Ride interacts with the car’s audio system and allows drivers to use their voice to make music choices by simply uttering the name of the artist, album, or playlist they want to hear. There’s no need to look at the vehicle’s dashboard or touchscreen when selecting audio tracks, making driving safer and more convenient.

Navigation System

Sync My Ride’s navigation system works through voice prompts and GPS sensors. Drivers can initiate the system by pressing the Navigation button on the dash. The system provides drivers with voice-activated directions, distance to the destination, traffic, and other essential information.

Climate Control System

Sync My Ride interacts with the vehicle’s climate control system, and by using voice commands, drivers can adjust settings for optimum comfort. The system allows drivers to change temperature settings, control the air conditioning, activate the heating system, and even defrost the windshield.

Sync My Ride Benefits

Using Sync My Ride offers many benefits to drivers, including safety, convenience, and entertainment. Here are some of the primary benefits Sync My Ride provides:

Convenience and Ease of Use

Sync My Ride is designed to be a user-friendly system, allowing drivers to operate all of their vehicle’s functions without taking their hands off the wheel. The voice activation system prevents distractions, allowing drivers to keep their eyes focused on the road.

Improved Driving Safety

Sync My Ride allows drivers to operate various systems like hands-free communication or climate control safely, without the need for any physical interaction with the dashboard. This minimizes distractions, which results in safer driving.


Sync My Ride ensures drivers are entertained while on the road. The system features seamless integration with audio and video systems, allowing drivers to focus on driving while they enjoy their favorite audio tracks or playlists.


In conclusion, Sync My Ride is an innovative entertainment and information system developed by Ford that aims to enhance the driving experience for its customers. With its advanced features such as voice commands and touch screen displays, Sync My Ride allows drivers and passengers to stay connected, informed, and entertained while on the road. This technology has revolutionized the way we think about in-car entertainment and has set a new standard for automotive technology. Overall, Sync My Ride has been a huge success among Ford’s customers and has established itself as a market leader in the automotive industry.

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